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MATIC + Magda Garre at Sant Boi 09/06/2014

MATIC + Magda Garre at La Lottería, Barcelona 8/30/2014

MATIC + Magda Garre at La Casa Gran, Gava 7/18/2014

MDL (MATIC) at Beats & Fish Festival 7/5/2014

Recorded live direct from mixer to H1 handy recorder 
at Beats & Fish Festival, Plaça del Teatre Jardí, Figueres 

MATIC at Sónar +D 2014 with Vidibox 06/13/2014

Vidibox software demonstration. Images by Billaboop

AV’struc at the Festival de Música Electrónica ARTeNOU

MATIC live at Niu Barcelona, 04/30/2014

Music by 33Canales, visuals by Josep González.
Recorded live on Niu Barcelona on April 30th, 2014.

Photo by Bruno Peláez